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We’ve all done it before. We had this great idea for a TV Commercial and just went out to shoot it. But then what? You maybe have a great piece of content, but other than build your reel and get some clicks or even get some attention from future clients, all the hard work and money you spent are soon forgotten. What if you could turn that same content into content for real clients paying real money? Enter Koovala. We give you an opportunity to live your passion, take ownership of your creativity and do exeptional work that we sell for you. In an age where companies and brands need more and more video content, we give you a new way of turning your ideas into money.


Produce a TVCYou have an idea for a commercial. You assemble your cast and crew and shoot it. You finish the movie and then upload it to Koovala. No client or agency will interfere with your vision, you just do your thing. Your movie will be approved by an industry professional and goes online, where clients can browse movies, pick and buy one, customize it and then put it to use.


Customize for specific clientWhen a client has picked your movie, we will inform you accordingly. If they want advanced customizations like a reshoot with their product, we get in touch and give you the clients brief. Whenever we comission you with customizations, you get paid additionally. Other times, clients will just want to put their claim and logo in the movie, in which case, you will have to do nothing.


Get paidThat’s it - time to get paid. The cool thing is: you set the price yourself. We might consult you to raise or lower the price or explain to us (and the client, accordingly) how you came up with that number. But really, we are filmmakers ourselves, so we care about everybody getting paid fairly.

What is Koovala

Produce passion projects (TV- and Online-Ads)
Enjoy creative freedom
Sell your movies to real clients

Companies today face a new reality: video has become the most important tool for marketing, creating a constant need for content. TV is still key to reaching a broad audience, making TV Commercials still very relevant. At the same time, marketing budgets get tighter and deadlines shorter. And last but not least, audiences want quality content. Koovala offers its clients a way to very quickly get the original content they need at a fair price.

And that is were you come in. You are a filmmaker. A creative person. You want to shoot. You want to create, you want to see your vision on a screen. That is exactly what we want you to do. Pick a product, a brand, a service a company is offering. Then think about how YOU would advertise said product, brand or service. Be the creative person you are and produce that amazing commercial of yours. Then upload that movie to Koovala and we will sell it for you. What that means: You get to do what you love with no interference from clients or an agency, you get real clients and you get to make money with your passion projects.

Check out How

Shooting for Koovala

Original, High Quality Content
Usable by multiple brands (ie. Coke OR Pepsi)
Think Post Production, CG, Reshoot
All rights cleared

Shooting for Koovala is easy, but you'll have to think a bit differently. In order for us to sell your commercial sucessfully, you need to create original, compelling and professional content. So nothing you wouldn't be doing anyway, right? Next, you don't go out and shoot something for let's say Snickers. You do however go out and shoot something for "a" chocolate bar. There are hundreds of producers making chocolate bars, so don't limit yourself to one very specific product. Shoot for beer. Shoot for Internet Providers. Shoot for Perfume. That way, your commercial is attractive to many manufacturers or service providers.

In order for clients to get their own, individual commercial, they will personalize the ad you create. They can add their claim and logo of course, maybe they need a different grading to match their Corporate Identity, or they want their product in your ad. So keep that in mind, leaving as much possibilities open as possible. Shoot flat. Think of where a product could go and shoot a plate, or shoot with talent or locations you could go back to for a reshoot with the clients actual product (when a client requests a reshoot, we'll give you the exact brief and you reshoot as a paid gig).

Lastly, make sure you get all the proper release forms and rights cleared (model release, property release, music rights). Koovala will provide you with standard documents you can use and we'll be there for you if you need any other assistance.

Earn Money

How do I get paid

You set the price
Koovala adds Provision
You collect

When uploading your commercial, you'll be asked what you want to earn by selling it. You set this price yourself. There is no minimum or maximum you can ask for your movie. Every piece of content is different, so is pricing. What is important to us is that it's a fair price for all. If you spent a lot for production, by all means - have this reflected on the final price. Maybe production was inexpensive but your idea kicks some serious ass - have that reflected aswell. Just make sure that all people involved in making your movie get paid correctly when your ad is sold.

The price you set will be what Koovala will pay you once the ad is sold. We simply add a comission on top of your price, so you really just tell us what you need for your work and you will get that exact number. Just remember - be fair to yourself and your crew, but also think about potential clients. If you aim too high, it's obviously harder to find a buyer. But really - if you think your commercial is worth a million dollars, so be it.

If we reach out to you for a reshoot or other individualizations requested by the client, that means your movie is sold. All work related to said individualization is being paid extra by the client, meaning you earn more money. We give you the brief, you go to work, you get paid.

Another way to make even more money: create amazing content that more than one client wants to buy. In that case, there will be an auction and the highest bidder gets your movie, resulting in more money for you.

Still got Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy to become a member of the Koovala-Family - learn how

What should I shoot

Anything you can think of. Just don't shoot to show actual brands. In the near future, we will have a message board or forum where we suggest industries or products to shoot based on feedback of (future) customers. Until then, follow us on Twitter, we'll be announcing content-needs there.

How to Submit a movie

We're in private Beta, but we'd love to get your movies already! Just message us (use the form below or email us) to get an invite to the Beta where you will be able to upload your content. As long as we're in Beta, we will be actively reaching out to potential customers looking for your/their ad.

What's still to come.

So, so much! This is just the beginning, but trust us, we have a lot of exiting things planned. Think global community, think networking, think contests, think grants, think free coworking-space, think free equipment-rental - in general, think big! But of course - in order to do this, we need you! So go out and shoot something :)

Existing content

If you've already produced a spec spot or content that you think might sell, by all means, do upload it, we'd love to see it! All we ask is that you make the movie private on other platforms like Vimeo or Youtube - after all, clients love exclusivity.

Base Requirements

Koovala strives to offer its clients only the best content - both in great stories aswell as technically. We mainly accept content that has been produced with professional equipment, but we all know that can interpreted broadly. So shoot in the highest quality possible, the exact technical requirements will be available to contributors soon.

Who can submit.

Koovala offers professional TVCs by professionals. This can be an industry veteran, a film student, a freelancer, creatives from agencies - so basically, everybody is invited to submit, but we will only put the best content online for sale. Each submission is reviewed for approval by an industry professional. If you're unsure if you should submit, just ask us.

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